Great emotions in Christmas Cup

Draudzīgā un svētku atmosfērā tika aizvadīts Ziemassvētku kauss 2019. Foto - Anna Lauskiniece

At the end of the year we had the annual FK Lielupe Christmas event, which was full of bright moments and positive emotions. This time there was an record number of participants – two FK Lielupe teams (Lielupe Red and Lielupe Black), as well as two FK Sauriesi teams (Saurieši White and Saurieši Red), with whom we established a very friendly relationship this year.

Players of FK Lielupe were divided into two teams by lottery that took place at the closing team board meeting of the year. After the lottery, the lineups looked like this:
Lielupe Red: Jevgenijs Jenats, Ralfs Biruls, Leo Fedosejevs, Kristaps Mackovs, Daņila Savicks, Ronalds Semjonovs un Heorhii Tkachov.
Lielupe Black: Adrians Kaufmanis, Andrejs Aņņenkovs, Mārtiņš Auziņš, Maksims Bočarņikovs, Dāvids Čerņaks, Artūrs Rudzītis, Dainis Sondors un Kārlis Villerušs.

Lielupe Red and Lielupe Black teams. Photo – Marija Voronova
Saurieši Red and Saurieši White teams. Photo – Marija Voronova
Lielupe Black team was convincingly the best in FIFA 20, not only winning all games, but also not conceding any goals. Photo by Maria Voronova

The program for this year’s event was slightly different – in addition to the usual Futsal tournament, this year we also hosted a FIFA 20 video game tournament where everyone had the opportunity to show off their skills in virtual football. The two tournaments took place in parallel – while the two teams player their game, other two teams tried themselves in the FIFA 20 in a 2×2 format. In the end, the winners of each individual tournament as well as the overall winners were awarded.

Throughout the day everyone had the opportunity to participate in the charity campaign “Stiprini Stipros”. With this call, the leading media in Latvia – DELFI team, in cooperation with the charity organization “Ziedot.lv“, asks everyone to support those, who needs this support in taking care seriously ill family members.

Saurieši White team was a tough nut in both Futsal and FIFA 20 tournaments, what helped them to get the first place in overall. Photo by Marija Voronova

FK Lielupe was the best in both activities – Lielupe Red won the Futsal tournament with 3 victories, while Lielupe Black won the FIFA 20 tournament without losing a point. However, in the overall ranking, the best team of the event was Saurieši White team, which won 2nd place in both tournaments. Lielupe Red team player Heorhii Tkachov was the top scorer with four goals.

Christmas Cup 2019


FIFA 20 Christmas Cup 2019


Christmas Cup 2019 Overall


The tradition of this Christmas event has become an indispensable part of the club life, bringing together and uniting both club staff and players. And it is a great pleasure that this year we were able to share this festive feeling with FK Saurieši.

After this Christmas Tournament, the team will take a short pause and will only come together on January 12, 2020 for the New Year’s Eve evening at PEPSI Center.